We take the stress out of WordPress

WordPress has made online publishing easier than it’s ever been before, unfortunately that means people are diving head first into the world of website ownership without the technical background to keep all of their stuff safe. Or they’re spending ridiculous amounts of time trying to figure out how to place a widget in just the right place, when they could be spending that time growing their blog or business. That’s where we come in…

This is how we plan to do it:

We’ll make your website fly.

🚀Aside from installing and properly configuring a great caching plugin, we’ll take a comprehensive look at your site and get it running smooth. We optimize images, code and even implement content delivery networks.

We’ll protect your website.

🔒Just one virus from your website and you can almost guarantee that person won’t return to your site. We perform security audits to find potential security holes in your site and patch them up if they exist. If your site is ever compromised, we’ll clean it up for free, no questions asked.

Cloud backups in realtime.

💾If an update fails or your website crashes, it’s imperative to have an up-to-date backup. All your website’s files and database are stored on encrypted servers at AWS. In the rare case that everything comes crashing down, we’ll restore your site at no additional charge.

Managed WordPress updates.

✅An out-of-date WordPress site makes it vulnerable to security issues as version releases often have security patches. We test and install the latest WordPress, Theme and Plugins updates on your site. Your software will always be up to date.

We’re always here for you.

👍When you work with us you’ll get speedy WordPress support. In many cases, we’ll know your website has a problem before you do and we’ll begin working on a solution before you submit a support ticket.

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