These days there are a ton of plugins to add your Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress website. I know, if you perform a Google search you will find a lot of posts with plugins you can use. The trouble is, most of them are poorly coded and they’ll slow down your website.

Simple Google Analytics Tracking

It is the easiest and by far the best way to add Google Analytics to WordPress. This plugin is very well-coded so you can depend on it to add the Google Analytics tracking code without a bunch of extras. In fact, it’s even what we use right here on our own site.

This plugin does not track Editors and Administrators by default to prevent extra page views from showing up in your reports.

Let’s get started.
The first thing you need to do is install and activate the Simple Google Analytics Tracking plugin.

Upon activation the plugin will add a new menu item labeled “Google Analytics” to your WordPress “Settings” menu.

Simple Google Analytics Tracking Settings Menu

Next, you need to enter the Google Analytics code from Google in the Tracking ID field and then click on “Save Tracking ID”.

Simple Google Analytics Tracking Dashboard

That’s all you have successfully added Google Analytics on your WordPress site.

I hope you found this useful. If you have any feedback or want to know why I chose this plugin over another, let me know! Comments are open!

Published by Walter Lopez

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